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Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197604554
Purify your skin with our 100% vegetarian, invigoratingly scented Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Clay Wash. Formulated with bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills, kaolin clay and Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya, it cleanses away dirt and impurities and helps unclog pores. This foam..
Cleanser Guarana & Coffee 150ml A0x
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Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197972523
Leap out of bed for this one. Our Guarana and Coffee Energizing Cleanser provides a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, leaving skin feeling energized for the ultimate beginning or end to a day. Enriched with Brazilian guarana and Ethiopian green coffee and organic Community Fair Trade aloe vera ,..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel396
Often thicker and more oily, men's skins like GEL MOUSSE which thin and soft foam rinses off easily. Its best assets: soft cleansing agents and liquorice extract with calming and softening properties to respect the skin, hydrating and purifying actives such as Iris, and a blend of essential oils, (a..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel397
SCRUB MOUSSE is an exfoliating gel with micro-beads of bamboo and jojoba to gently get rid of the skin's dead cells. Its plus: Soft cleansing actives and liquorice extract* with soothing and softening properties,purifying and hydrating actives like Iris, and a blend of essential oils**, (among which..
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