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Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197890599
Give your skin an energy kick with our richly textured Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask. Enriched with a powerful blend of coffee bean particles from Nicaragua and Community Fair Trade ingredients from around the world, this mask warms and gently exfoliates your skin to help reduce the signs..
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197887865
When it comes to hydration, Hemp packs all you need. Give parched skin a much-needed drink with our nourishing overnight face mask. Richly hydrating with none of the greasiness, the mask gets to work while you sleep to replenish and moisturize thirsty skin. Wake up to skin that feels softer and comf..
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197920449
Sensitive skin doesn’t need to miss out on exfoliating face masks with our Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Instant Soothing Mask. Inspired by ancient Roman recipes, the mask has a creamy, porridge-like blend of oatmeal from the UK and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain. This mas..
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197190101
Our powerful, purifying charcoal face mask is the real deal for skin that needs some intense TLC. It absorbs excess oil. Sucks out dirt and impurities. Exfoliates. Feels intensely tingly and refreshing, and gives you a bit of a healthy-looking glow – all in 5-10 minutes. You’ve been warned - get rea..
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197225759
Inspired by ancient beauty rituals from the Far East, this exfoliating face mask is infused with ginseng extracts from China. Heroically named the ‘root of life’, this herby delight is a centuries-old gift from the orient that gives a fresh new take on beauty. We’ve blended this together with rice e..
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197965259
Our Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask liberates your face of everyday impurities in the most relaxing way it knows how...
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197189716
Revitalises your bloom with a richly moisturising queen-of-quenchers botanically inspired face mask. Come rain or shine, we know you’re out there battling for what’s fair and just in the world and you probably haven’t noticed the environment zapping moisture from your youthful glow...
Brand: Dr Brandt Model: 663963007457
Insta-masque Detoxifying + Glow Mask (black)
2-3 Days
Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680016011
This charcoal face mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with activated botanical charcoal to capture and remove all impurities (polluting particles, sebum, etc.). In just 2 minutes, skin is detoxified, it feels fresh and its radiance is enhanced. Its ultra-sensory intense black gel textur..
Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680016004
Thisexfoliating mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with Macadamia oil and a natural-origin fine exfoliating powder to exfoliate and even out the skin in just 2 minutes. Skin texture is instantly smoother and the complexion is brighter.Its ultra-sensory gel texture transforms into an o..
Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680016028
This purifying mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with white clay to very gently purify the skin.In just 2 minutes, skin feels cleansed and is visibly smoother. Its ultra-sensory light and fresh texture does not dry out the skin or leave any sensation of tightness, for ideal comfort...
Masque B 12ml X6
2-3 Days
Brand: SVR Model: 3662361000968
Refreshing and comforting! This natural biocellulose mask, concentrated in vitamin b3 and hyaluronic acid, rehydrates and plumps the skin for an instant soothing effect. In just 15 minutes, the active ingredients are perfectly diffused, the mask reduces dehydration lines and improves skin quality. I..
Masque C 50ml -
2-3 Days
Brand: SVR Model: 3662361000975
This micro-peeling mask with its ultra-sensory texture will become your new radiance booster. Its creamy foam with a unique formulation1 contains the highest concentration1 of stabilized vitamin c, the reference radiance active ingredient, combined with retexturizing and plumping active ingredients...
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875693875
An instant recovery sheet mask enriched with 89% vichy mineralizing water and natural origin hyaluronic acid. Revitalise and replump skin with moisture, reinforcing your skin’s natural barrier function to help protect against external aggressors. ..
Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680023910
This creamy mask with a botanical scent offers an ideal organic* face scrub with a double exfoliating action (apricot kernel powder and 100% botanical salicylic acid) to cleanse, purify and refine the skin’s texture while preserving its balance. *Certified organic...
Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680023057
This organic* face mask detoxifies skin to enhance its radiance thanks to a formula containing sesame oil and a citrus extract. Its sensorial gel with a citrusy scent transforms into an oil and then a milk that can be rinsed off in the blink of an eye to reveal a delightfully fresh complexion. *Cert..
Protect SPF30 30ml -
2-3 Days
Brand: SVR Model: 3662361001170
This serum corrects the natural ageing process and protects against pollution and uv, which are factors in accelerated ageing. Its powerful combination of antioxidants and the SPF30 sunscreen filter complex corrects wrinkles, brown spots and a dull complexion while forming a protective shield on the..
Purete Thermal Aloe Vera Mask 75ml
2-3 Days
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875588911
Aloe vera mask that soothes red, sore skin hurt by dryness designed specifically for skin prone to dryness,tightness and soreness..
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875588744
Vichy's first face mask formulated with natural origin charcoal, kaolin, and 15 mineral-rich vichy volcanic water to remove impurities such as pollution and dirt...
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875508896
Vichy's first face mask with volcanic rocks and aha fruit acids to gently peel off dead cells through a double-peel action for refined skin texture and luminous skin...
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