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Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197997854
Enriched with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil, the formula helps skin to appear oil-free, fresher and supple. Just like friends in our Tea Tree range, The Body Shop’s tea tree serum is a hard-working formula that not only helps combat imperfections, but also helps your skin feel purified, mattifie..
Mattifying Face Lotion Tea Tree 50ml A22
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Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197946432
There’s dewy skin and then there’s shiny skin - a tricky thing to balance for our oily skin types out there. Luckily, our Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion hits the sweet spot of absorbing excess oil while keeping skin feeling hydrated, mattified and happy as can be...
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197957001
While you sleep your skin is in recovery mode and so it’s the perfect time to slather on some hard-working skincare. This lightweight night lotion helps your skin feel moisturised while absorbing excess oil and sebum, so you can wake up to refreshed skin that looks and more balanced. Sounds like a d..
Tea Tree Oil 20ml A0x
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Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197972530
This purifying facial oil works with your skin so you can target blemishes and live beautifully confident every day. It’s brilliant for oil-slick skin that gets blemishes when it’s having a bit of a day. This bottle is little enough to fit inside your pocket, but you shouldn’t underestimate its powe..
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