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Brand: Infinity Model: M0286
Color-coded buffer makes it easy to tell which part of the buffer to use during each step in your manicure. Professional quality nail tool removes the need to go to the salon..
Brand: Infinity Model: M0068/I
Buffs, shines and smooths any irregularities in the nail, without the need for nail varnish! Evens out the nails surface and leaves the nails with a noticeable shine...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0339
Blackhead removal & acne treatment Akren cleanser has antiseptic and mild exfoliating effects, our free foaming Akren cleanser gently and effectively removes dirt, sweat, micro- organisms, dead cells and makeup, prevents pore clogging, protects skin against bacteria, and maintains normal skin pH lea..
Brand: Infinity Model: M0311
Infinity curved nail scissors are extra sharp and made of stainless steel. A must-have item to have around the house. For a natural shape, it is recommended to cut from edge to centre to ensure a natural shape...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0277
Infinity straight nail scissors are extra sharp stainless steel. A must-have item to have around the house. These fine tipped scissors ensure an exact and precise use...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0312
Infinity Dressing Scissors are high-quality stainless steel scissors are specially designed for removing dressings. With one blunt tip for safety, these are suitable for use throughout the household...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0313
The perfect files for shaping and smoothing. Can be used on both artificial and natural nails...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0305
hese infinity claw tweezers are specially designed to gently hold hairs with a strong grip ensuring precise and easy hair removal...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0303
Tweeze with ease with this high-quality, high-precision, gold tip tweezer for the perfect brows. Use the slanted edge flat against the skin to remove hair from a larger area. Flip it around and use the pointed tip end to target fine, small hairs. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth for the..
Brand: Infinity Model: M0341
Hoof stick with a soft pink rubber tip for pushing back the cuticle and a shaped white plastic tip cleaning under the nails...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0052
Precision ground blades for cutting hard and thick toenails- Cut from the edge of the nail to the centre following natural shape- Always use on clean, dry nails...
Brand: Infinity Model: M0281
Buffs and shines the nails without the need for nail polish! Smooths the surface of the nail to get rid of bumps or uneven texture...
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