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Brand: Yogandha Model: Balance
With Earthy And Sensual Jasmine And Clary Sage, This Luxurious Hand-made Blend Of Essential Oils Will Re-align Mind And Body, Particularly Hormonally. Apply To Pulse Points Throughout The Day When You Need Strength And Balance Or To Change Gear Mentally...
Brand: Yogandha Model: Detox
Apply detox body oil directly on all skin types as daily detox body oil, shower oil, all-purpose moisturiser. Juniperberry is purifying and a strong antioxidant. lemongrass and sweet fennel are well known to support lymphatic drainage so help to reduce cellulite. contains all the major detoxifying ..
Brand: Yogandha Model: Ground
With a rich aroma of ethically-sourced sandalwood and frankincense, this luxurious hand-made blend of essential oils will instantly relax and ground you. Apply to pulse points throughout the day when you need calm...
Brand: Yogandha Model: Muscle
With warm rich forestry tones, this luxurious hand-made body oil blend will become a key part of your self-care routine. This helps to soothe any aches and pains, muscular, menstrual, digestive...
Brand: Yogandha Model: Relax
Apply relax body oil directly on all skin types as a relaxing and nourishing daily body oil. It deepens relaxation, yoga, meditation, massage or any wind-down routine. Use in the bath or shower to protect your skin and prepare your mind and body for a deeper, restful sleep..
Brand: Yogandha Model: Salute
Try salute today - it's rare to find something that boosts your mood, energy, and immune system (usually stimulants are not very body-friendly!) and this little wonder oil does all three..
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