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Brand: Tanorganic Model: 771748
This application glove will ensure you have a streak-free tan. Soft and gentle on the skin it really is a luxury tanning experience. Using gentle circular movements apply to your skin, repeating if required...
Brand: Tanorganic Model: 771750
Now with this amazing Exfoliate & Tan Duo Tanning Glove you can quickly exfoliate last minute with a dry exfoliation and then flip the glove to apply your favourite tan with the soft luxurious glove on the other side. If you want to be innovative like TanOrganic then you can exfoliate while you tan ..
Brand: SoSu Model: SOSU5009
A velvet mitt for applying false tanning products.Suitable for the face and body, Dripping Gold Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt is the ultimate accessory for achieving a smooth, streak-free tan. With an inner waterproof lining to protect the hands and prevent staining, this double-sided tanning mitt ..
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