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Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT015
Naturigin 10.0 Blonde product offers an effective way for attaining and maintaining a healthy-looking hair colour. The product has ingredients of natural extracts and certified natural oils. This natural hair dye is also great for highlight purposes. The product is manufactured with a vision that th..
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT016
This hair color is completely SLS-free, PTD-free, Resorcinol-free, Ammonia-free and parabens-free. You will feel the extra nourishment and shine that your hair has gained after using this blonde ash dye. It uses an advanced formula that contains a superior combination of mandarin essential oils and ..
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT017
This natural golden blonde hair dye is created from a naturally derived formula comprising of certified organic lemon and mandarin essential oils in addition to ten other organic extracts that provide shine and nourishment to the hair. All variants of their natural hair dye received wide acclaim all..
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT018
The ingredients of this natural extreme blonde hair dye are certified organic and completely natural. You will realize that the luster of your hair has increased due to the additional nourishment provided by this natural hair dye. It also contains the organic extracts of 12 pure natural oils which m..
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT019
Designed in accordance to the Naturigin motto that all true beauty is natural and organic, Naturigin 11.2 is a natural extreme ash blond hair dye with a difference. Naturigin 11.2 contains a blend of natural oils and organic blends which ensure it easily bonds with your hair molecules, giving them a..
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT001
NATURIGIN 2.0 will leave your hair a rich inky black. With 12 Natural Oils and pure Extracts your hair will have added shine during colouring, while your hair and scalp will be nourished and protected...
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT002
Naturigin 2.3 gives hair a rich ebony black colour and the condition of hair after colouring will be enriched by an exclusive blend of certified lemon peel extract, certified natural orange peel essential oil amongst other pure and gentle extracts and oils...
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT003
Naturigin 3.0 dark coffee brown is one of our top selling hair colours. Customers love the depth of colour it gives their hair and with a blend of 12 natural oils and extracts they love the enriched condition their hair is left in after colouring ...
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Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT004
Naturigin 4.0 Brown will give you a natural, beautiful brown hair quickly and easily. This colour is one of our best sellers. Customers love its rich hue and appreciate how nourished and well-conditioned their hair is after colouring..
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT005
A perfect choice for anyone who wants brown hair with copper highlights, which add great warmth to the hair colour. With our natural copper brown hair dye you will be able to quickly and easily transform your hair. The colouring process takes between 30 and 40 minutes...
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT006
Naturigin 5.0 Light Chocolate Brown is one of our top selling hair colours. It is perfect for customers who want the richness of a brown colour but who don’t want to go too dark. Naturigin hair colour is 100% free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol and SLS...
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT007
For those customers who want their hair colour to stop just short of brown, Naturigin 5.3 is the perfect colour choice. Hair is left silky smooth thanks to the unique combination of pure and gentle extracts and natural oils, including lemon peel extract and orange peel essential oil...
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT008
Naturigin 6.0 is a beautiful dark golden blonde with subtle copper undertones. It offers a lovely warm and natural colour. Using Naturigin 6.0 will completely cover any grey hair and offer a lasting result. The colouring process takes between 30 and 40 minutes...
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT009
Naturigin Organic Based 100% Permanent Hair Colours is the result of the latest developments within natural hair colours and is already a great success all over the world. This hair colouring formula contains a mixture of natural hair dye that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy looking col..
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT010
Naturigin natural blonde hair dye, which also comes in 19 varieties of colours including shades of blonde, brunette, red, black and brown, its natural medium blonde color will give your hair a gorgeous look. The natural hair dye is made of 12 oils and extracts and certified ingredients...
Brand: Naturigin Model: NAT011
Designed for all hair types NATURIGIN offers natural blond red hair dye can be applied in only 30 minutes with a pleasant and mild fragrance at professional quality standards. The advanced formula providing rich natural colour blended with certified organic lemon and mandarin essential oils among th..
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