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Oral Care

Brand: Kin Model: 8470001629951
These are presented in the form of Calcium Glycerophosphate and Sodium Monofluorophosphate. This significantly superior remineralising action helps to reinforce enamel in children’s teeth. A significant breakthrough in a time where a third of all children starting school have signs of tooth decay..
Brand: Kin Model: 8470001586872
Fluor Kin calcium toothpaste has been especially developed for prevention of caries in children. Fluor-kin children’s toothpaste is specially formulated for your young ones. It inhibits the micro-organisms growth that causes bacteria. Its gentle strawberry flavour is pleasant and easy to rinse. T..
Brand: Kin Model: 8470001574114
Protection and daily care antiplaque and anticaries. With fluoride and aloe vera. Indicated daily use mouthwash to optimize oral hygiene. With sodium fluoride, chloride cetylpyridinium and provitamin B5 and aloe vera...
Brand: Kin Model: 8470001541253
Formulated with cetylpyridinium fluoride, antiseptic and antiplaque action, pro-vitamin B5 and aloe vera, with regenerating and tone up effects, Kin toothpaste protects and takes care of the gums. Besides, it has fluoride (1450 ppm) to prevent caries and remineralize the enamel...
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026211731
Formulated with triclosan, antiseptic agent, pro-vitamin B5 and zinc chlorhide, Gingi Kin B5 mouthwash controls the microorganisms while it protects and strengthens the gums. Cetylpyridinium chloride is an effective antiseptic in the prevention of the growth of the microorganisms in dental plaque..
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026213797
Kin B5 Toothpaste is an alcohol-free toothpaste which is suitable for oncology patients and those who suffer from dry mouth. It is a non-drying formulation which is gentle on sensitive gums...
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026212103
This topical oral gel moisturizes, soothes and protects the epithelial tissue of the oral cavity. Kin Care Gel is specifically indicated for the care of delicate oral mucosa. It contains natural extracts and humectants which promote oral tissue regeneration and moisturisation. Kin Care Gel contai..
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026210178
Kin Care is particularly suitable for the care of the oral mucosa weakened. It contains natural extracts and moisturizers that favor regeneration and hydration of the oral mucous membrane...
Brand: Kin Model: 8470001575883
The presence of dental plaque is the main factor in the development of the two most prevalent oral diseases: periodontal disease (which affects the gums) and cavities. Chlorhexidine digluconate has proven anti-plaque activity...
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026210826
The presence of dental plaque is the main factor in the development of the two most prevalent oral diseases: periodontal disease (which affects the gums) and cavities. Chlorhexidine digluconate has proven anti-plaque activity...
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026210819
Kin Gingival Toothpaste prevents the growth of microorganisms from bacterial plaque, thus ensuring healthy gingival tissues. The presence of bacterial plaque is the main cause of the most common oral periodontal disease (which affects the gums) and caries. Kin Gingival toothpaste is effective in ..
Brand: Kin Model: 8470001511171
Dental junior with small head triangular brush: designed with rounded shapes, no sharp edges to avoid friction and facilitate access to the back of the dental arch. Anatomic handle with fastening grooves: allows to handle brush with firmness and comfort. Protective cap. Ergonomic brush filaments pol..
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026212554
Kin gums effect massage toothbrush provides a soft and brushing with effect massage on teeth and gums. The tip of your strands has been designed to allow access to interdental, dragging plate placed between the teeth. Small head with a triangular shape. Designed with rounded shapes, no shar..
Brand: Kin Model: 8470003186186
Its small head with triangular shape allows easy access to any space. Anatomic handle with stretch marks that can handle it with ease. It incorporates protective cap. Half of their strands hardness makes it an ideal toothbrush for daily oral hygiene...
Brand: Kin Model: 8470003186261
Its small triangular-shaped head makes it easy to reach any space. Anatomical handle with grooves for comfortable handling. It has a protective cap. The soft hardness of its bristles makes it an ideal toothbrush for daily oral hygiene for delicate gums cases...
Brand: Kin Model: 8436026211694
Oral care is becoming increasingly important, both hygienically and aesthetically. A healthy mouth is not only a manifestation of obvious health and youth, but it also affects our social relations. This is why interest in improving tooth whitening techniques and the use of tooth whitening products h..
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