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Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680016011
This charcoal face mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with activated botanical charcoal to capture and remove all impurities (polluting particles, sebum, etc.). In just 2 minutes, skin is detoxified, it feels fresh and its radiance is enhanced. Its ultra-sensory intense black gel textur..
Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680016004
Thisexfoliating mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with Macadamia oil and a natural-origin fine exfoliating powder to exfoliate and even out the skin in just 2 minutes. Skin texture is instantly smoother and the complexion is brighter. Its ultra-sensory gel texture transforms into an..
Brand: Nuxe Model: 3264680016028
This purifying mask combines the benefits of Rose floral water with white clay to very gently purify the skin. In just 2 minutes, skin feels cleansed and is visibly smoother. Its ultra-sensory light and fresh texture does not dry out the skin or leave any sensation of tightness, for ideal comfort...
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875693875
An instant recovery sheet mask enriched with 89% vichy mineralizing water and natural origin hyaluronic acid. Revitalise and replump skin with moisture, reinforcing your skin’s natural barrier function to help protect against external aggressors. ..
Brand: Nuxe Model: Nuxe Very Rose Lip Balm 15g
Fall head over heels for the NUXE Very Rose Lip Balm.This lip balm is designed to condition and soften coarse, dry lips, leaving them touched with a subtle rosy sheen. In a melt-away texture, the 100% natural-origin formula offers instant smoothing benefits.Rose oil extract moisturises to help suppo..
Brand: SVR Model: 3662361001170
This serum corrects the natural ageing process and protects against pollution and uv, which are factors in accelerated ageing. Its powerful combination of antioxidants and the SPF30 sunscreen filter complex corrects wrinkles, brown spots and a dull complexion while forming a protective shield on the..
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875588744
Vichy's first face mask formulated with natural origin charcoal, kaolin, and 15 mineral-rich vichy volcanic water to remove impurities such as pollution and dirt...
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875508896
Vichy's first face mask with volcanic rocks and aha fruit acids to gently peel off dead cells through a double-peel action for refined skin texture and luminous skin...
Brand: Vichy Model: 3337875508919
Vichy's first mineral hydrating face mask enriched with 10% vichy volcanic water and soothing vitamin b3 to act as a hydration boost for dry and uncomfortable skin..
Brand: SVR Model: 3662361000630
Instantly soothes and moisturizes sensitive, intolerant and poly-allergic skin...
Brand: The Body Shop Model: 5028197225759
Inspired by ancient beauty rituals from the Far East, this exfoliating face mask is infused with ginseng extracts from China. Heroically named the ‘root of life’, this herby delight is a centuries-old gift from the orient that gives a fresh new take on beauty. We’ve blended this together with rice e..
Brand: The Inkey List Model: 5060422295168
A natural, deep-cleaning face mask using high-grade clay to help absorb excess oil. Great for oil/blemish-prone skin. Great for blemish-prone skin, this white clay helps to draw out impurities and improve oil control. It can be used regularly without drying the skin. Kaolin clay is gentle, so it'..
Brand: Uriage Model: 3661434003424
A cream with multiple benefits that inhibits the key factors triggering couperose/rosacea, protects the skin's vascular system and limits aggravating factors. Upon application, comfort is immediately restored to skin, leaving it soft, perfectly moisturized and soothed...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel365
Elixir Vital is a phyto-aromatic product specifically designed to revive tired skins and nourish very dry skins. The combination of 24 essential amino acids with hydrating and nourishing actives, bring back radiance to the skin; the skin is smoothed, it looks younger...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel316
The distinctive use of this natural soft mask is that you will not let it dry onto the skin. After being applied, the mask will be kept soft by spraying the LOTION YON-KA mist over it. The combined action of 3 different clays that complete each other to purify and brighten the complexion...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel317
The distinctive use regarding this natural soft mask is that you will not let it dry onto the skin. After being applied, the mask will be kept soft by sprayin the LOTION YON-KA mist over it. Its formulation soothes dry and sensitive skins...
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