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Brand: Phyto Model: 3358220100413
Phyto Phytoelixir Cleansing Care Cream 75ml is an ideal cleansing care cream, allowing to gently cleanse the hair scalp and hair but also intensively nourish the ultra-dry hair...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338220100710
Curl Legend Curl Energizing Spray provides support for all forms of curls. It keeps the hair hydrated and nourished with a blend of protein-rich Botanical caviar for full-body curls. It also includes Elasticurl, a PHYTO signature that redesigns curls and helps them to hold their shape...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338220100680
Phytospecific Curl Legend Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel not only helps control frizz and create sculpted and defined curls but also nourishes the hair fiber. It is perfect for textured hair...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003287
Relieving the hair of the harmful effects of pollution, stress, cigarette smoke and product buildup, the PHTODETOX Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask absorbs the impurities that clog up hair, reliving the hair and enabling a renewed vigour...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003300
A clarifying & detoxifying shampoo. Provides powerful yet gentle cleansing action. Contains anti-oxidant St. John's Wort & witch hazel extracts for purifying & soothing properties...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003263
Phyto Detox Rehab Mist 150ml is an anti-odor spray specially formulated for the care of polluted scalp and hair...
Brand: Phyto Model: 618059152023
Revitalizing botanical oil. Recommended for dry, brittle or dull hair, split ends or chemically-processed hair...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003126
Boosted in botanical active ingredients, such as guarana and red algae extracts, Phytonovathrix Shampoo tones the scalp, fortifies the fiber and protectively envelops hair for an immediate sensation of optimally fortified hair...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003065
PHYTARGENT is a gentle formula that enhances grey and white hair from the very first application. Shampoo after shampoo, the hair is left pure, shiny and radiant...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003836
Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream With 7 Plants is a genuine "day cream" for hair. Infused with 7 pure and natural plant extracts, this leave-in conditioner quickly absorbs into the hair fiber to help maintain an optimal hydration level, preventing frizz, static and split ends...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003812
Phyto 9 Ultra Nourishing Botanical Day Cream is a daily nourishing moisturizer formulated with 9 plants that keep dry, medium-to-thick hair looking beautiful and healthy...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003874
Phyto Phytovolume Volumizing Blow-Dry Spray 150ml is a thermo-active care enriched in vegetable proteins and Nasturtium extract that boosts volume of fine and flat hair from the root...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003850
Phyto Phytovolume Jelly Mask 150ml is a care with ultra-light texture which provides strength and energy to your hair for a lasting and immediate volume...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003034
PHYTO ASAISANT relieves irritation and itchiness, soothes and restores scalp comfort & restores the scalp's protective barrier function...
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221003041
Ideal for hair that gets greasy quickly, the Phytocedrat shampoo regulates sebum in the scalp for healthier and less-oily hair. ..
Brand: Phyto Model: 3338221002501
Phytocolor Permanent Color combines advanced technology and botanical knowledge to create a plant-based hair dye for you that is suitable for sensitive scalps due to being formulated WITHOUT resorcin, PPD, parabens or ammonia...
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