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Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel330
Specifically designed to help sagging skins and for women who want to reshape the oval of their face, ADVANCED OPTIMIZER CREME helps combat the slackening of the face and neck. The skin becomes visibly firmer and smoother, the facial features look sculpted again...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel357
ALPHA-CONTOUR brings actives fundamental to the youthfulness of the face 's most expressive areas such as the eyes and lips contours. With a high precision dosage of fruit acids combined with mimosa, it rejuvenates the epidermis while activating its cellular renewal and bringing hydration and freshn..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel367
The hydrating ALPHA-FLUID treatment, suited for even the most sensitive skins, hydrates, nourishes and revives. The skin is smoother, more beautiful, the pores are tightened the complexion is even and more radiant...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel366
The micro-peeling action of ALPHA-PEEL improves the quality of your skin night after night. Your skin feels regenerated and brightens, its texture is redefined, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Fresh and radiant, it is breathing again...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel340
Soft and velvety, issued from years of research, this unique Yon-Ka "smart serum" focuses on the skin's youthful appearance. This compound is completed with essential oils. Their hints of citruses, enhanced with woody scents, turn the application of CELLULAR CODE SERUM into a true sensorial experien..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel370
A targeted solution for fast and long lasting results on dark spots correction. This high-precision local treatment is your ultimate weapon to target and correct dark spots. Thanks to this tailored solution, your complexion will recover its evenness and brightness...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel361
CRÈME 15 purifies and rebalances combination and oily skins prone to blemishes. Burdock, sage and birch tree contibute to clearing the skin; the combination of mallow, chamomile and arnica soothe the skin. CRÈME 15 does not substitute for a day cream, it is applied locally on the blemishes and preve..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel379
Formulated with essential oils of maritime pine, wintergreen and cedar, this care acts on fatty imbedded tissues and areas sensitive to touch due to fatty deposits. It improves its appearance by softening and smoothing it. The capsicum extracts ease their elimination by promoting exchanges and sudat..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel319
This hydrating and reviving multi-vitamin cream handles all dehydrated skins independant of their skin type, dry or oily. The skin is smoothed and plumped, the complexion is glowing. With its creamy texture, CRÈME 28 does not leave any residual oily film on the face, the skin is soft...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel378
To assist in refining the figure, this phyto-aromatic massage cream that is rich in climbing ivy with legendary "anti-water retention" virtues improves the tone and texture of the epidermis, and preserves its tone during weight changes...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel324
CRÈME 93 provides oily skin with a specific and tailored answer in order to maitying this area while protecting the entire face. The essential oils of ylang-ylang and sweet lime, combined with Yon-Ka Quintessence , help rebalance the skin. The protective oilive oil combined with smoothing vitamins (..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel374
Rich in hydrating and nourishing comforting agents, CRÈME MAINS repairs and protects the driest and roughest skins thanks to its formula which combines Shea butter, vegetal glycerine, grape seed oil, Bisabolol and vitamins A, C and E...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel325
At certain point in time or when stress impacts, your skin can show an awkward shine, due to an excess of sebum. CRÈME PG adresses this issue with 3 actions : purifying, re-balancing and protecting. Astringent and purifying action thanks to burdock and the Yon-Ka Quintessence : the enlarged pores ar..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel351
The pine bark polyphenols and the pomegranate found in DEFENSE+ allow to promote the skin's elasticity and glowing complewion while visibly smoothing skin's texture. This "shield effect" helps prevent the appearance of the signs of aging. Its benefits, completed with nourishing factors, make it the ..
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel343
The micelles of the soft cleansing actives that compose L'EAU MICELLAIRE Yon-Ka, remove in one easy step all the impurities from the day. Rinse-free, it is better suited for light makeup...
Brand: Yon-Ka Model: nomodel326
ELASTINE JOUR is a smoothing and hydrating wrinkle control cream designed to protect and nourish the epidermis thanks to the combination of shea butter with the amino-acids essential to the skin. Vitamins A, C and E allow the skin to fight oxydative stress and help promote its regeneneration...
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